This virtual exhibition was created by Hilary Virtanen and is the result of archival and field research in Michigan's Upper Peninsula conducted during the summers of 2004 and 2005. This exhibition serves as my Master’s thesis project for Indiana University’s Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology in Bloomington, Indiana.

Thanks first to my informants and other helpers who helped me to get Heikki’s whole story and turn it into several papers and two exhibits: Anne and Steve Asplund, Jim Bellmore, Jim DeCaire and Da Yoopers, Mary Collick, Jon Davis, Denny DeCovich, Christine Garceau, Doug Karttunen, Jim Kurtti, Tom Poynter, James Regis, Dave Riutta, Dick Storm, Darrell Syria and Conga Se Menne. Thanks also to Ron Stewart, my husband, who served as an assistant fieldworker and who helped to design my exhibition at FinnGrandFest.

Thanks also to my thesis committee at Indiana University: Dr. Sandra Dolby (committee chair), Dr. Pravina Shukla, and Dr. Richard Bauman. Finally, thanks to the following people at the University of Wisconsin: Sara Ziemendorf, who web-designed this exhibit, and Dr. James P. Leary whose substantial commentary on my earlier exhibition on Heikki Lunta led to this new and improved model.

This Exhibition and the research behind it were generously sponsored by the following:

Finlandia Foundation
National Chapter

Institute of Migration
Turku University

Finnish-American Heritage Center

The following businesses, attractions, and musical groups that contributed to the development of Heikki Lunta are linked below:

Conga Se Menne

Da Yoopers


Delaware Mine Tours

WMPL Radio

Daily Mining Gazette

Lake Superior Photo

Pasty Central

Friends of Hank Snow Society

The Heikki Lunta Drifters

Finnish Theme Committee

Heikki Lunta Winterfest

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